Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a sustained state of abnormally high blood flow. Blood flow is regulated by the output of the heart muscle, various regulatory centers in the brain, and chemicals found throughout the body. Conscious and unconscious stimuli, such as anxiety, meditation, and trained automatic responses to pleasure or pain also affects blood flow. When blood pressure is too high it can damage tissues of the heart, brain, kidneys and other organs. Naturally, blood pressure raises when you are under stress or during physical activity, and it returns to normal when you are at rest. The good news is, high blood pressure is one of the easiest imbalances to heal naturally.

Symptoms, Causes and Natural Cures
The symptoms for high blood pressure can often go unnoticed in mild cases. In more severe cases, pressure in the head is felt, with or without headache or dizziness. The major causes for high blood pressure is emotional stress and bodily stress, due to consumption of allergy foods, obesity, and too much salt in the diet.

Emotions exist within our electrical field, and are based upon our thoughts. Thoughts move from intangible to tangible existence through our emotions. By gaining control of our thoughts our feelings change. Judging our feelings turns them into emotions. Stressful emotions such as anxiety, anger, and worry are directly related to high blood pressure.

Blood pressure goes up when blood accumulates at the base of the skull. What is building up the pressure in your life? Look at your emotional life and try to determine what is causing you tension. Are you making unimportant things important to you? Taking time to put your priorities in order by deciding what is truly important in life can relieve tension. Changing all plans to tentative plans helps to prevent setting yourself up for disappointments. Relieve tension also by going with the flow of life, by living in contentment of what is, knowing you can change it later.

Observing life, as opposed to evaluating it, can change your conditioned responses. By observing life we can live in the moment and act in the moment. The mind uses past information to set us up to 'react.' When living in the moment, or in spirit, no pre-determined reaction is necessary, only appropriate action. Although reactionary behavior is very important for survival in many situations, it is vital that we be calm and evaluate what is or what is not a necessary reaction. For example, pulling away from fire so as not to burn ourselves is life saving. But, consistently becoming angry or aggressive in response to irritation or annoyance is only hurting yourself, and has life threatening consequences.

Natural Remedies:
-Manage stress, fear, worry, anxiety, and anger. (i.e. deep breathing, observing the situation as it is in the   moment, prayer/meditation, and accepting yourself as you are.)
-Get adequate exercise and rest to balance a healthy flow
-Creative healing massage can bring blood pressure down 10-30 points each massage. (CHM brings blood down the neck, doing this once a week for 6 weeks can bring blood pressure to normal)
-Eliminate allergy foods (can be one of the fastest ways to reduce blood pressure)
-Balance all vitamin and mineral deficiencies
-4-6 servings a day of raw and cooked non-starchy veggies can bring blood pressure down
-Cleansing relaxes the body and slows down the mind and can drop blood pressure very quickly by assisting with emotional pressure, stress, and eliminating physically undigested toxic waste
-No salt
-Certain Chinese herbs direct and affect blood flow. Visit a Chinese Herbalist to find out which herbs can work for you.
-Enjoy life, relax, and live in the moment!

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