About Kalos

Founder: Valerie Seeman Gersch, ND
Vice President: Jacquelyne Price, HHP, CNC, CCMH

            Kalos Transformational Healing is a holistic technique focused on healing the cause of dis-ease. The Kalos method is rooted in Chinese Medicine, and is considered a new healing art that incorporates ancient healing practices and Applied Kinesiology to inspire new possibilities in health and healing. 
       The founder Valerie Seeman Gersch, ND, graduated from the International College of Naturopathy. With years of study alongside some of the leading natural healers of this century, she devotes her life to understanding the mind-body-spirit connection. After much research and experimentation with countless natural techniques, she found a process that proved to be the quickest, and most effective, way to address healing the cause of dis-ease. Eventually that process became known as Kalos. 
   Kalos begins by identifying any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances getting in the way of our natural healing process. Muscle Response Testing, or MRT for short, is the non-invasive method of testing we use to identify information stored in the body at a cellular level. Using a 10 priority system to trace any issue to its cause, the Kalos method allows us to discover the body's priority for healing. The 10 priorities in Kalos are: structural, exercise and rest, nutritional, cleanse/detox, emotional processing, miasms (for inherited emotional tendencies), chakras, electrical balancing, spiritual counseling, and reactives (brain integration). Kalos is firmly rooted in the belief that by aligning with natural laws, precepts, and principles, the body can do what it was made to do... heal itself.  
     Education and empowerment are key to the Kalos method. We advocate natural healing and integrative health practices that can be learned at practiced at home. We hope to inspire self-healing, and a sense of responsibility over one's state of health, so each individual can find the strength and power within to bring about optimum wellbeing of their body-mind-soul.   
     Healing sessions address vitamin, mineral and organ deficiency, as well as facilitate physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Kalos practitioners are trained to work with health issues using the following methods of natural healing: mental/emotional processing (subconscious mind re-programming); acupressure/Chinese meridian therapy; creative healing massage; natural balancing techniques that work with posture, muscle systems, stress and pain relief; nutrition & cleansing protocols; Aura clearing, past life healing, and spiritual counseling. With the Kalos method, one can design a powerfully effective program to address their current state of health, and support the healing process.
            Kalos Transformational Healing is an art of creating balance and awareness in every aspect of your life so that you might know the truth about your condition, and gain freedom to heal. Kalos Health Facilitators work with a wide variety of health concerns including acute and chronic pain or illness, infectious diseases, sport injuries, nutrition, food and environmental allergies, trauma, mental conditions, emotional stress, learning disabilities, and more. Kalos Seminars International is a growing weekend seminar circuit that is practiced in several countries around the world, and quickly attracting more attention here in California. Below you can find more information about how to connect with a practitioner near you.

To learn more, visit KALOS.ORG*. There are books and seminars offered to those interested in Kalos for personal health benefits, or to become a professionally certified Kalos Health Facilitator.

For individual care, there are Kalos Health Facilitators available throughout the US and Canada. A typical appointment takes one hour, but can vary among practitioners. Each session may include:
  • Initial consultation to detail family/health history
  • Discussing your ideal state of health
  • Deficiency Testing (vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, blood & lymph, hormones, vital organs, and meridians)
  • 10 Priority Testing (determining your specific priorities for healing)
  • When needed, any applicable natural healing processes can be used (may include nutritional testing, acupressure, structural work, brain integration techniques, electrical physiology balancing, chakra balancing, vibrational healing, emotional processing, or spiritual counseling)
  • Designing your self-healing program 
  Please feel free to contact your nearest Kalos Health Facilitator to make an appointment. For general questions, I would be happy to reply by email, you can contact me at jacquelyneprice@gmail.com

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