I received a handful of session from Jacquelyne and am so grateful for each and everyone of them. Her work is very holistic and whether I came to see her for physical or emotional challenges, Jacquelyne showed an incredible gift to see the bigger picture - the cause behind my symptoms. I love how she uses muscle testing as a tool to explore the hidden messages of my body and subconscious mind. I am a Bodyworker and Holistic Health Practitioner myself and can be somewhat picky when it comes to choosing other therapists. With Jacquelyne I found someone I can completely trust and let go. If you go and see her, i highly recommend daring to do some emotional work with her. Or working on a belief system you feel limited by. This is the real gold she offers! (At least I love working on these things). But also if you have physical challenges, I am most certain Jacquelyne will be able to support you in your healing process!
Jenny                                                                                                     San Diego, Ca

Thank you (Jacquelyne) for your wonderful presentation... It was a pleasure to listen to you speak on the subject of Mapping Your Emotions as a method of addressing healing and soul growth. Your passion and expertise for sharing what you know to be true came through clearly. I don't know if soft spoken and dynamic should go together in the same sentence, but that's what comes to mind when I think of your speaking style. The information you shared was thought provoking and presented in a truly comfortable manner that made it easy to receive. I believe you barely touched the surface of all there is to learn, and yet, you made it seem so simple and uncomplicated.  I look forward to learning much more from you in the future. You have awakened truths in me that have been sleeping for far too long! Thank you!

Escondido, Ca

The Kalos workshop transformed me.  The information I discovered about myself is life changing.  Jacquelyne is an angel that is on earth as a Holistic family member to heal transforming your life with healing on all areas of your life. Kalos will help heal your body, soul and spirit and fill you with love for yourself and others. I am grateful that Jacquelyne Price,  brought Kalos into my life forever transforming the way I think of how to use my words for love and healing with peace love and joy. Thank you

Placerville, Ca

I swear every time I get off the phone with you after a session I can't stop smiling and I feel taller :)

Riverside, Ca

Jacquelyne recently introduced me to Kalos Healing Work. Her work was instrumental in opening the door for research into eliminating disease for me, by awakening my knowledge about the importance of emotional atmosphere and the wellness of it, to produce wholeness of the physical body. I am now on a journey utilizing nutrition, movement, meditation, and most importantly embracing joyous emotion, in order to create a proper environment for healing. The Kalos Work has given me hope for cure, where there was none, by leading me on my own path toward wholeness, through investigation of the root cause of disease, allowing myself to no longer claim illness the way I had before. Jacquelyne helped me envision an ever expanding revelation of who I am evolving to become. I am always in gratitude. 

Los Angeles, Ca

     Over time, most people suppress their instincts to function in society for self  acceptance. In doing so, we lose our sense of self. Our instincts are still within us, but perhaps blocked due to our thoughts and beliefs.   Our instincts are bestilled in our subconscious,  they never left us, and that's what's so magnificent about Jacquelyne.  She brings out YOUR truth, whether you like the answer or not, lol.  Through Kalos, I got specific answers that I needed, not knowing I had the answers within myself all along.  People go to therapy for years to find these answers, but with Kalos, the answers are straight to the point and specific.  I cannot rave enough about Jacquelyne.   She's a kind, gentle, warm, non judging soul that genuinely loves what she does,  and is helping others bring out the truth from within.

Los Angeles, Ca

 After nearly a year & a half of existing in a foggy, seemingly Twilight Zone-esque half world, I decided to see Jacquelyne for a bit of testing. She pinpointed my issue, told me it stemmed from nutritional deficiencies, & gave me a list of foods to rebalance my system. I felt the effects immediately. Within just a few days, I regained my strength, composure, and ... frankly I feel like a kid again! I can't thank you enough Jacquelyne! 

Los Angeles, Ca 

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