Kalos Kids!

Kalos Kids!
Helping Kids Learn with Ease

·  Speed-up reading skills ·  Increase focus & memory ·  Develop a calm attitude towards learning·  Increase comprehension ·   Strengthen writing ability ·  Build confidence, leadership, and social skills

           Kalos Kids, also known as Easy Learning Facilitation (ELF), is designed to educated kids and families about how to take charge of  their learning. We cater to all ages and grade levels, and are excited to share holistic health information that can transform families and communities. We offer introductory talks to discuss proper nutrition and eating habits, teach about the electrical circuitry of the body, support emotional wellbeing, and explain how to maintain healthy brain function. Our mission is to empower youngsters and their families to take charge of their health, and support higher learning through holistic health education!

            Valerie Seeman Gersch, N.D, alongside several of today’s leading natural doctors, discovered a breakthrough to awaken proper brain function. By combining brain integration exercises, electrical balancing techniques, brain stimulating massage, emotional stress relief, and proper nutrition, Dr. Valerie developed a method that really works! Now in as little as 3 weeks, learning can become easy with ELF! Each child exposed to this remarkable program has the opportunity to excel in the classroom and in life!

Thanks to the science of Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, we know how to find and eliminate the cause of many learning disabilities, which affect millions of young people and adults. Learning disabilities are not a disease of the brain, they have nothing to do with intelligence or motivation, and they can be corrected! Learn how to use muscle testing at home with your kids to prevent learning disabilities and achieve results in the classroom!

·         Integrate right and left-brain function
·         Balance electrical circuitry in the body
·         Learn to eat for optimum brain health
·         Avoid food and environmental allergens
·         Heal emotional stress and trauma

            Learning disabilities have been linked to improper neuron function. Neurons govern communication within the body by acting as a processing center to receive and send out information. Communication between neurons makes it possible for muscle movement, vision, hearing, thinking, rationalizing, and dreaming. Information travels between neurons by the firing of impulses; this process is electrical by nature. When one's electrical circuitry becomes compromised the impulses carrying information throughout the body can be diminished. Electrical damage can occur with severe illness, high fevers, emotional trauma, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, food or chemical allergies, structural blocks from accidents or falls, or a genetic defect.

   Implementing the Kalos Kids program at home provides an opportunity to heal the cause and support lasting results. To address specific nutritional or emotional needs that often contribute to learning disabilities, or for further assistance in implementing this program at home, private sessions and testing are available.

Holistic Family Education

Introduction: Kalos Kids! (free public talk)
 Join us for a introductory Kalos Kids family centered workshop where we will introduce the ELF tools that you can use at home to encourage healthy brain function and improve learning skills. You will learn about the philosophy and practice of using Kalos Kids! at home with the family, and how to support your young children and teens to increase cognitive ability, release emotional stress, and heal and prevent learning disabilities, naturally! This workshop will give you valuable information and options to move ahead with confidence in supporting your child's learning.

 Holistic Family Sessions

Structural & Electrical Brain Health
Learn the structural and electrical aspects of brain health. We will teach you how to test for and address structural and electrical imbalances getting in the way of proper brain function. With these tools you will have an opportunity to support your child to improve cognitive skills and prevent learning disabilities, as well as heal or improve current neuron function and other vital cognitive functions surrounding classroom-related issues. 

Emotional Stress Relief for Kids
Learn an effective way to assist your child to de-stress. Emotional triggers play a large role in a child's ability to receive and remember new information. Take home a valuable tool that goes beyond the classroom, and nurture your child's emotional and social development. Build your child's confidence, encourage their self-expression, and help them relax in a learning environment so they can learn with ease!

Nutrition for Higher Learning
Learn how to test your family for proper nutrition at home! Find out what foods are best for your child's brain health, and what foods are making it harder for them to do well in school. Support your child to learn with ease by knowing what foods can cause brain fog, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Help your child prevent or heal learning disabilities with proper nutrition that supports their unique constitution. 

Contact: Jacquelyne Price at jacquelyneprice@gmail.com or visit jacquelyneprice.com