Monday, December 3, 2012

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is considered a mystery to modern medicine. Although the root cause of Lyme Disease is unknown it can be treated like any health issue, which is broken down to the natural laws of cause and effect. The leading contributor to this mysterious disease is linked to tick bites. White tailed deer, dogs, and mice, are the usual carriers in the Eastern United States. In the West the tick is found on lizards and jackrabbits. About ninety percent of Lyme disease cases are found in the states of California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

Lyme Disease has flu-like symptoms including fatigue, headache, stiff neck, backache, nausea, vomiting, and joint inflammation. Because the tick bite is painless, the symptoms are usually disregarded for days before one investigates and discovers they are infected. The bacterium borrelia burgdorferi is transmitted through tic bites and appears as a rash while the body attempts to rid itself of poison through the skin. There are cases where people bitten by tics carrying a similar bacterium do not get Lyme Disease, and this is probably why the exact cause of Lyme Disease is still a mystery. Why some contract Lyme Disease and some do not is still unproven. Yet, a good question to ask might be the relative strength of one's immune system. 

Often a weak immune system is linked to the delicate emotional state of an individual. Persons infected with this disease, as can be true with other immune disorders, are usually found to be emotionally exhausted. It can be true that if one looks at their life and feels incapable or unworthy their immune system reflects this belief in it's feeble attempt to preserve the body. Likewise, someone who is positive, optimistic and persevering can have a strong immune system that works hard to preserve the body. A lack of energy due to dietary issues or physical weakness also plays a role in the function of one's immune system. However, at the root of physical weakness often lies emotional fatigue as well.

Similar to the emotional effects on one's immune system,  when there is any bacteria residing in the body, as well as virus or fungus, it is usually present with a hidden agenda. As we are discovering the connections of body and mind it is becoming more and more apparent that one's emotional state plays a vital role in the health of the body. Here we find that having a hidden agenda manifests weaknesses and tendencies to hold on to bacteria in the body as a possible means of getting what you want subconsciously. In this case, it is time to get really honest and open. What are you trying to hide from your high-self or God? What would your life be like if you were completely well? Find out what you are telling yourself that isn't true or could be keeping you sick...

Nutrition can be a large part of recovery if you are overcoming Lyme Disease. While your mind is healing emotional issues and your body is fighting off bacteria, rashes, and other symptoms it is important to support the process with proper nutrition. A cleanse is often needed, and a candida cleanse is usually a good place to start since eliminating sugars alone can create more energy for healing. Vitamins, minerals, and herbs, along with a whole food diet, can also promote a quick recovery.

Vitamin A – Prevents colds and infection, a good anti-oxidant
Vitamin B – Strengthens the nerves and sense of well being, fights fungus
Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids - Good blood cleanser, infection fighter, immune builder
Calcium - Muscle relaxer, for prevention of muscle cramps and stiffness, cone knitter
Chlorophyll - A valuable blood cleanser, infection fighter
Garlic – Has antibiotic properties, stimulates the immune system
Dandelion Root - Strong blood cleanser, kidney support (natural diuretic)
Uva Ursi Tea – Natural diuretic and cleanser for kidneys

Testing using Applied Kinesiology, or MRT (muscle response testing,) and using the Kalos method can determine the specific cause for one's contraction of Lyme Disease. A Kalos Health Facilitator can test for individual dietary or herbal needs, aid in healing the emotional causes, and assist one in creating a program to support their healing process. With the proper diet, adequate rest,and emotional healing Lyme Disease can be completely healed in as little as 3-4 weeks.