Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ancestral Healing & Epigenetics

Imagine, just as our body has an energetic field (aura),  each cell within us is also encapsulated in energy. Recent studies about changes in gene activity have shown that genetics are more than just DNA. Epigenetics is a rapidly growing field of interest, bringing our attention to the way inherited energy patterns may be responsible for the expression of our DNA. Learning about this fascinating discovery can empower you to take charge of your health through healing the energy passed to you by your ancestors.

The word 'epi' is a Greek word that means over, outside of, and around. Thus, epi-genetics is the study of what is around genes. Just as our genes are passed down, so is the energy around them. What's been happening for millennia, and only now beginning to be understood by Western science, is the reaction cells have to the energy around them. Epigenetics is proving what Eastern medicine and other alternative healing arts have been practicing for ages. Despite not knowing the exact science behind healing, we have accepted the results. Now we are getting closer to understanding what we once called a miracle. In truth, a miracle is an innate ability not yet understood or explained. The Divine source of healing energy within you is capable of far more than we might think. More and more people realize that by healing their energetic body they are capable of healing themselves of disease, and manifesting miracles!  So, how exactly can healing your ancestral patterns change your life?

By healing personal and ancestral emotional patterns you can change the physical expression of your DNA.  DNA is a set sequence of genetic instructions that exist in all living organisms. However, changes can occur in the process of turning on and off certain genetic traits. For instance, turning on the suppression trait of genes that govern cell growth in someone with cancer can slow the growth of cancer cells and allow you time to heal the cause. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, cancer, or any other issue, consider how you can benefit by taking authority over your current state of health through healing the energy/emotions you live with everyday. So far, epigenetics is still a fast growing study that has yet to prove much about how and why genes are susceptible to the energy around them. There is limited information about the extent of our capabilities in healing our epigenetics, however, we are on the brink of unveiling a powerful truth. We can already experience this truth, and no amount of research or scientific proof is enough to invalidate our personal experience in healing. So, while science plays catch-up, lets get to work and keep healing!

Are you ready to confront the issues getting in the way of you fully enjoying a life of abundant health?  What if the challenge to overcome emotional issues was the very medicine you needed to heal them? A wise friend once said, how you relate to the issue is the issue. That really stuck with me. Maybe our healing is only to overcome the emotional upsets around our experience of dis-ease? Healing epigenetics is a journey in healing our tendencies toward unhealthy emotional patterns, and how that supports healing our DNA expression. Our tendencies stem from past experience and inherited emotional patterns. To heal our present or inherited tendencies (ancestral healing) doesn't require any certain set of practices or magic, it's simply healing what happened in the past by healing how you relate to it today.

There are many ways we can influence our health, and epigenetics is proving yet another way! Kalos uses guided imagery and creative healing techniques to address past and present emotional issues that often are the cause of disease manifesting in the body. Yet, there are so many healing arts that address energy and emotional health. I encourage you to explore the integrative and alternative practices and practitioners in your area to learn more about how you can be your best doctor! To be clear, epigenetics can go beyond the possibilities discussed here, so please research this subject more and see what else is possible!

Here are a few links to pages I found helpful in understanding epigenetics:

And here is a website of a friend and respected healing arts practitioner in Encinitas, California who is currently doing epigenetic research:

To your health!

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I am looking for someone to help me heal the energy with ancestors to get rid of past pain so that i can move forward in my life. Who can help me with this and will it cost me a lot of money. I dont have much money due to what im dealing with.

Jacquelyne Price said...

I would be happy to work with you to address ancestral energies. Thank you for reading!