What you can expect from a Kalos Session...
Kalos incorporates a broad spectrum of natural healing techniques that are unique to each individual. Listed below are a variety of protocols that may be used during a typical Kalos session, depending on the goals of the recipient and their specific priorities for healing.

Kalos Transformational Healing Physical Exam - Kalos is a new healing art in Traditional Naturopathy.  By tracing issues to their cause with Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Response Tesing, MRT), we can now discover the underlying issues getting in the way of optimum health, and gain freedom to heal and thrive. With non-invasive MRT, we can determine Vitamin, mineral, and organ deficiencies; as well as emotional causes getting in the way of the body's innate healing ability. Kalos address chronic pain/disease/illness, sport injuries, PTSD/depression/anxiety, learning disabilities, diabetes/weight issues, skin disorders, colon/digestive problems, and more, naturally. Find your unique priority for healing and address causes so symptoms can go away naturally! 

Kalos Nutrition Consulting- Nutrition is the main source of energy and support for the body to function properly. Using Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), find what nutrition your body prefers. Testing includes allergies/intolerance, preferred foods (including amounts), vitamins/minerals/supplements, supportive nutrition for fertility/ideal weight/diabetes/cancer/chronic diseases/colon health/skin disorders/learning disabilities and more. Find out if your body is ready to detox or cleanse, and test for the right regimen for you. 

Kalos Emotional Processing- Kalos Emotional Processing is a way to release pent up emotions and stress, heal sabotaging subconscious thoughts and behaviors, and get clear on thoughts and feelings that conflict with each other and leave you feeling mentally torn. Through creative visualization and subconscious mind reprogramming, discover the truth about what is getting in the way of optimum health & well-being. Heal the cause of your discontent, transform negative attitudes/thoughts, receive ongoing support, and create peace of mind. The body can heal when the mind is at rest.  

Past Life Healing/Age Regression/Ancestral Healing-Past life healing and age regression are helpful tools to process current patterns and past trauma as they relate to your childhood and past life experiences. Likewise, ancestral healing is a powerfully effective method of clearing stagnant energies that have persisted through genetics and epigenetics. Through guided visualization of you or a family member's subconscious memories, one is able to release sabotaging thoughts and accept new possibilities that promote healing of body-mind-soul. As we explore the recesses of memories and stored trauma in the body, past life healing and age regression can bring transformation through insight and understanding of one's life path from a more enlightened perspective.

ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning disability Testing- Do you or your child struggle in situations that require focus, memory, attention, comprehension, or reading/writing skills? Find out using non-invasive muscle testing, and discuss what you can do to support healing the cause of ADD/ADHD. Parents must accompany children under 14 years old.

Kalos ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning disability Natural Healing- Do you or your child struggle in situations that require focus, memory, attention, comprehension, or reading/writing skills?Support healing the cause of ADD/ADHD with Kalos natural healing techniques.  Through proper nutritional support, lifestyle, brain integration, and emotional processing, we can start seeing results in as little as 3 weeks. Parents must accompany children under 14 years old.

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