Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Minute Cleanse!

     One of the most invigorating, efficient, and simple cleansing techniques takes only 5 minutes a day! It's so simple! This 5 minute cleanse can help you loose weight, purify your lymph, give you more radiant skin, tone muscle, and boost energy.
     The body is full of mucoids, which is any substance resembling mucous in the body. There are several different types, including beneficial and toxic moucoid matter. Cleansing the unwanted mucoids is critical for optimum health. This 5 minute cleanse aids in eliminating the toxic, hardened, unwanted mucous, which is connected to stagnancy (dis-ease), undigested foods (cellulite), and inflammation in the body.  It does all this while increasing circulation, promoting lymphatic purification, and maintaining healthy mucous (important for joint health, nourishing soft tissue, protecting tissue, etc.).
    The cleanse I'm referring to is skin brushing!  But, before you shake your head, and pass this technique off, just listen to a few of the benefits.  If you perform skin brushing 5 minutes daily for 2 months, you can expect to experience to fallowing: weight loss, muscle toning, smoother firmer skin, increased circulation, increased energy, elimination of toxins, increased lymphatic drainage, and hormone stimulation.
     5 minutes of skin brushing is equal to 30 minutes of physical exercise, when it comes to toning muscles, and it firms the skin at the same time! When I found this out, you better believe I tried it. And it's true. Not only that, but skin brushing also promotes weight loss! Skin brushing removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, leaving the skin soft and healthy. As well as, promoting unwanted lymphatic and intestinal mucoid matter to leave the body. On average, people loose 1 pound a day from skin brushing. 
     To increase the effects of skin brushing, it's highly effective to combine it with a colon cleanse. This will increase the movement and elimination of hardened mucoids built up in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the lymphatic system. These hardened mucoids are known as mucin or mucoid plaque, it builds up along the walls of your intestines and drys out over time, leading to constipation. In more extreme cases, this plaque can create bowel pockets, and an extended colon. Getting rid of this built up plaque in the colon not only helps you loose weight, it creates overall increased health.
     Skin brushing in combination with a colon cleanse also speeds up lymphatic drainage, since a clear colon leaves room for lymph to drain into it. The lymph is the sewer system of the body, where toxins, undigested proteins, fats, and bacteria are sent to be neutralized in lymph nodes, or eliminated.  FYI, there is no dis-ease in the body that the lymphatic system is not involved in. Lymph is also where nutrients reside before they are sent into the blood stream, and dispersed throughout the body to nourish organs and cells. So, keeping the lymph clean is vital to the health of all our entire system. Often, inflammation and discomfort occur in the areas where lymph is congested, such as tonsils, outer chest, and the groin. 
     See what 5 minutes can do! You will need a long handled dry skin bath-type brush, made with vegetable bristles. Avoid buying one with synthetic bristles. The skin is to be fully dry, and the brush must stay dry also. The brush should touch every inch of the body at least once, except the face. Move the brush along the skin in the direction of the lower abdomen. That means up the legs, buttocks, and arms, down the chest, stomach, and back. Do not do a back-and-forth brush stroke, it disrupts the flow of lymph and defeats the purpose.
      It is not uncommon for the stool to contain large amounts of mucous a few days after you begin skin brushing. This is indicative of  lymph purification, and a good sign that the backed-up mucous is moving through for drainage.
     You can do a skin brushing session once or twice a day, everyday if you like. It's highly invigorating and full of healthy benefits, without the side effects. While skin brushing helps to purify the lymph, it is not equal to a lymph cleanse, which encompasses much deeper methods, and is also highly recommended. However, skin brushing, and other purification practices, greatly increase and help maintain overall health and wellness! I hope you will try it, and let me know what you think!

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Sarah Jane said...

I just heard about skin brushing from Green Smoothie Girl but she didn't go into all the benefits of why its so great, just a couple. I'm going to try this! It will go great with the detox/cleanse I am already doing, and would love to lose a few extra pounds :)

Why does it have to be dry? What does it being damp or wet change?