Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 One of the most common issues healthy people struggle with is candida overgrowth. Candida is also the most common fungal pathogen causing fatal infections. It affects more than 1 billion people each year at an increasing rate with symptoms that are either tolerated or ignored. And, it can be found overgrown in more than 70% of healthy individuals. Being the most common fungus to humans, candida occurs naturally in the body and is usually harmless. However, when someone's immune system is compromised this fungus can spread to any place in the body including skin, nails, respiratory tract, urinary tract, colon, lungs, and the brain.

Candida infections range from minor superficial annoyances to systemic circulation which can be life threatening. Antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs such as corticosteroids are common contributors to candida overgrowth. They are responsible for suppressing the immune system and distributing bacterial colonization which consequently creates an environment for candida to flourish.Yet, when the immune system becomes weak for any reason this fungi doesn't need antibiotics or immune suppressant drugs to promote it's overgrowth, simple sugars, fruits, starches and yeast will do.

When someone is experiencing a low-level candida overgrowth they can easily be misdiagnosed with having chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, or fibromyalgia. The symptoms are basically the same, and may or may not be accompanied by an external rash or infection.

Superficial/mucosal candidiasis can be found on the skin, under fingernails, and in the mouth and throat. Generally skin that is damp, warm and creased such as armpits, groin, behind the ear, and between the toes is where this fungi is found. Occasionally it can itch and become enlarged as a skin rash with smaller rashes along the outside of the main rash. Skin exposed to fecal matter is at higher risk of becoming infected.

In the mouth candida it is seen as thrush, a white film on the tongue, as well as on the tonsils. It can also occur in whitish patches or sores which can grow in size and bleed easily  Chronic dry mouth and dentures are major contributors to candida of the mouth and throat. Also, candida overgrowth has been linked to fluctuating hormones and is more common in menstruating and pregnant women. Thus candida is frequently transferred to children at birth.

Candida is found naturally in the gastrointestinal tract as healthy flora, and also in the genitourinal tract. Candida found in other areas of the body, or an overgrowth in places where it resides normally is a cause of several common health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal  inflammation, and yeast infections.

When candida circulates through the blood in can infect major organs such as the heart, kidneys and brain. When the fungi infects the sinuses it can lead to a fatal disease known as fungal sinusitis. This disease is still a mystery to modern doctors. Luckily, severe cases of deep-seated candida are rare.

If you have candida and want to heal it at home you must take full responsibility for your healing process. This means you are the only one in charge of what you eat/drink/think during cleansing. The regimen I will offer is to help one understand candida overgrowth. For more severe cases, please consult a specialist. I recommend holistic or natural treatments for the purpose of avoiding Western facilities that have not had a record of healing the cause of candida.

First, to understand how to heal candida it is important to note the emotional causes of it's proliferation/overgrowth. In Kalos we are taught that fungal, viral, and bacterial infections of all kinds are related to a hidden agenda or secrets. When healing from candida overgrowth keep this in mind and look at what you have been hiding in your life. Expose your hidden agendas and get honest with yourself and others.

Second, the nutritional aspect of healing candida is of utmost concern. A cleanse is usually the key to successful control of candida. Candida feeds on sugar. Eliminating all simple sugars, including fruit and starch is the foundation of the cleanse. I usually take a day or two of just water to reset the system and prepare it for sugar detox. The aim is to starve the candida until it retreats.

A diet of protein and raw or steamed non-starchy vegetables is suitable for cleansing candida. In addition, Pau D'arco tea and caprylic acid are the natural anti fungal remedies used in most candida cleans regimens. Other anti fungal treatments can be of aid such as raw garlic, tea tree oil, lavender oil,  berries, probiotics and plain yogurt. Turmeric and Golden Seal Root can be used to reduce itching. To boost the immune system I use colloidal silver, zinc, and vitamin A. A healthy immune system can assist you from the inside to attack the overgrowth. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to fully heal candida when on a strict cleanse. The longer and deeper-seated the infection the longer it can take.

To fully address candida is often difficult for anyone attempting the cleanse. Sugar cravings, concerns about unwanted weight loss, and consumption of candida feeding foods are the main problems. All of these can be avoided if the cleanse is done properly. The good news is that YOU CAN DO IT!

Dairy (except plain yogurt)
Fruit (except berries, lemons, kiwi, papaya)
Starch (including starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, peas)
Cereal Grains (except Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth)
Sweet vegetables (including beets, carrots, tomatoes)
Fermented foods (including sprouts and vinegar)
All sugar (including honey, agave, alcohol)
Beans and Lentils
Corn oil
Beef and Pork