Thursday, June 14, 2012


   Asthma is characterized by coughing, pain in the chest, breathlessness and wheezing that is triggered by a narrowing of air-passages in the lungs. It is more common and often more severe in children, although asthma can be contracted at any age.
   Generally there is a combination of contributing factors that cause asthma: food and environmental allergies, suppressive drugs used for allergies, fungal or other infections, and deep rooted stress usually stemming from childhood. Muscle spasms around airways can come from ingesting any food or environmental allergen. These muscle spasms interfere with proper breathing, making it very important for people with asthma to avoid all of their intolerant and allergy foods (also see article on Allergies*). Medicine used for allergies can promote asthma by redirecting toxic mucus inward to the lungs and airways. The toxic mucus then interferes with proper breathing. The use of allergy medications and sensitivity to allergens in general is probably why people with allergies tend to also develop asthma. Any type of infection aggravates asthma, including a fungal infection. If you are taking antibiotics, and you feel worse, this is a sign that a fungal infection might be present. The emotional blocks linked to asthma are usually acquired in early childhood. Feeling unloved, or being smothered and controlled by someone you love can inhibit the breathing mechanism by creating built up emotional stress that does not allow deep full breaths. Not being able to take in full breaths, or breathe deeply is connected to how open you are to learn from all life's experiences, to take in life fully. Releasing this programmed stress through an emotional process, or accepting life and being content with what is, can allow you freedom to breathe!

   Asthma is heightened by pollens, chemicals, and emotional stress. For your best results with eliminating asthma, a strict holistic approach can be very effective. Here are some options, to be used in combination for fast and effective treatment of asthma: cleansing, being tested for food allergies, using proper supplements, releasing emotional blocks, and massage work.
   For emotional work, meekness is a wonderful quality to emulate, it is having the spirit of a seed... fully free to experience life by learning and growing where ever it is planted. One needs to feel, act, and share freely- being free of expectation, and unafraid of the consequences and reactions of others. For a preventative measure, learn to communicate lovingly, and encourage your child's need to express him or herself.
   For cleansing, many herbs cannot be used.  Lemon water is usually ok, as long as the kidneys are strong. Possible herbal remedies are Mullen, Comfrey, Echinacia, Lobelia, Pleursy Root, and Bee Pollen. For personal use of healing herbs, dosage, and cleansing methods seek professional advice from a local N.D., Chinese herbalist or holistic healing practitioner.
   Nutritional treatments for asthma, to be used in combination with emotional stress relief and cleansing, are as fallows:
 - Using a Castor oil pack on the back and lung area on the chest can increase circulation and speed up the healing process. Heat the Castor oil, do not boil. Saturate a cloth with the oil and place on the body, then cover with a hot water bottle and bath towel. Leave it in place for 30-60 minutes, do this once or twice a day.
 -  Strengthen the adrenals, and make sure there is sufficient RNA to restore the immune system in order to heal any long term illness.
 - Stop eating ALL allergy foods. Children especially respond rapidly when taken off allergy foods and given necessary nutrients to rebuild their immune system. Adults must stay off allergy foods longer than children in order to heal fully, then small amounts of allergy foods are not as harmful once they fully recover. Apx. 1 year for an adult, and 3 months for children.
 - Vitamins A and C to fight infection (but no Vitamin C, if a fungal infection is present)
 - Bioflavonoids (C-complex) to build immune system by cleaning the blood and fighting infection
 - Magnesium for proper elimination (yellow fruits and veggies are high in magnesium, especially corn)
 - High fiber foods for proper elimination (oat and rice bran, leafy greens, and fruit)
 - Avoid all foods with chemical additives, particularly sulfates.

Healing asthma naturally can be quick! The time it takes is determined by the severity, and your commitment to results!