Friday, March 22, 2013

Alternative Medicine

Health is defined as the measure of one's physical or mental vitality.  Yet, there is another element to consider, spiritual vitality.   The extent of one's spiritual vitality can be the most influential aspect of their health. And, in my opinion it is never separate from the condition in which one suffers.  To some, bridging one's spiritual, mental, and physical health is the only approach. However, to many it's unheard of, or completely illogical. Yet, the possibilities this connection of mind, body and spirit provides has already been transforming lives for thousands of years.

Many people feel unsatisfied with what they receive from standardized healthcare. I think it is due to a depersonalized approach. It's not standard procedure to inquire about the patient's full life experience before prescribing drugs or diagnosing an illness. Therefore, we are left feeling misunderstood and often misdiagnosed. It's time to take a new approach, healing the whole person.

 Our tendency is to put our lives in the hands of others, who we believe can quickly remedy the symptoms we are having. The fact is,  most of us would rather leave the details of our  concerns to someone else than take responsibility for them.  Taking responsibility requires a willingness to work and a strong desire to overcome whatever is in our way, knowing it is up to us if we succeed.  When it comes to our health, we are conditioned to trust hospitals to fix our bodies like the mechanic fixes our car, not many questions are asked except for how much it will cost.

Alternative Healthcare is growing rapidly in popularity. But, lets be honest... the alternative road is a hard one. The challenge is that it requires incredible effort and discipline, and it's worth it. When you do the work to give your body, mind and spirit what they need to thrive you can be certain what you gain from it will change your life.

A cure comes from within. You can get treatments, take supplements or medicine, but ultimately your body, mind, and spirit are the true healers. A body governed by someone who wants to live will live longer. A body governed by someone who wants to die will die faster. Its goes along with the spectrum  of will a person has for living their life. If you are ready to do the work and heal yourself, just about any practice will do. It's your will that guides the body in healing itself. What this means is you are the authority when it comes to your health. Let this empower you to discover more about yourself through the signs your body is giving you.

With common sense and some inner reflection you can start to uncover the cause of your health issues. Then, with some intuition and a blessing from your doctor, you can start trying new ways of addressing your health. Below I've included some questions to start asking yourself in the process of discovering the cause of a dis-ease using an alternative method.

The inclusion of spirit in healthcare practices can expand our possibilities in healing. It's the difference between fearing a fatal disease and understanding how you can heal....


  • Where in my body do I feel pain/discomfort? 
  • When did this pain start?
  • What was I doing in my life when this pain came?
  • How would this issue be linked to the time in my life it arrived?
  • Subconsciously, what might I have been trying to accomplish at that time in my life?
  • What is that part of my body responsible for?
  • Metaphorically, what can those responsibilities be attributed to emotionally/spiritually?
  • How do I relate to those responsibilities?
  • Who or what in my life could be linked to this responsibility, either directly or indirectly?
  • How do I feel emotionally about this issue?
  • Who or what in my life could be linked to this emotion?
  • How can I benefit/grow in awareness/spiritually through this situation?
  • Who or what do I need to address in order to heal the emotional links to this issue?
  • What can I do right now to feel I am taking charge of this issue most efficiently?