Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Healing Bodies

Healing comes from within. Take a look inside yourself for the cure to your dis-ease and you can find everything you need to heal already exists within you. Physical, mental and spiritual capabilities are yours for your healing power.

To trust our bodies to heal themselves is a task in it's own right. Yet, when we understand how healing works in the body this comes as no surprise. Since the dawn of human existence people have been researching the correspondence between body, mind, and spirit to heal. Fallowing the map our body reveals can give us this sacred knowledge. The map can be as simple as noticing when you are dehydrated. Your foot muscles cramp, the mouth becomes dry, you become fatigued and constipated. These are all signs on the map pointing to dehydration. It works the same way with all aliments, only some signs are much subtler than others and take a keen awareness to discover. 

Each body contains a similar map that we can use to understand our state of health. In Chinese medicine they refer to the map as meridians and acupressure points that indicate the flow of life energy.  In Ayurveda the map consists of nadis, marma points and chakras. Knowing the basics of the body map using these ancient practices, or others, can guide you to higher awareness of your healing body. Thus, allow you to manage your physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities for your highest benefit. 

In Kalos, we use meridian theory from Chinese Medicine. The theory explains that each organ is associated with different emotions and energy channels that run throughout the body, which they call meridians. Since Chinese Medicine has made its way to the west, people have expanded on this theory to include correlations with muscles, vitamins, and minerals. To be able to map out organ function, emotional health, vitamin and mineral deficiency and muscle strength with non-invasive techniques is why I have come to appreciate the Kalos method. However, any method of understanding your health can be beneficial. The key is to become aware of your healing body. 

Opening an anatomy book, studying chakras, or simply noticing how you feel after you eat a meal can all aid in discovering the signs your body is constantly giving you to help you heal. If you are ditzy or tired after you eat gluten, soy, dairy or meat it's time to consider your bodies aversion to those foods. If you get constant nagging headaches near your temples and your energy level fluctuates throughout the day, blood sugar may need to be addressed.  Investing in understanding your body can empower you to heal and save you from many unnecessary bills and trips to the doctor. 

Once you begin following the map to optimum health, the body can heal itself faster. However, it needs your help. You are the only one responsible for what you put in your body, how much rest and exercise it gets, and how much you love your body to do what it requires for your health. Look within, and discover for yourself the healing powers of your body!