Friday, June 20, 2014

Mapping Emotions

     The practice of mapping emotions is an ancient art that has long since proved it's accuracy and effectiveness. Mapping emotions comes from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of linking body parts and their states of health to specific emotions for the purpose of healing and preventing disease. Consider the body a treasure map for the soul. By understanding emotional patterns that relate to specific functions of  the body,  one can 'map' out emotional and physical priorities in healing, and be empowered to heal and thrive.
     Often the correspondences between our physical makeup and emotional habits is quite obvious. Such as, the eyes are related to one's perspective of the world, and to be nearsighted could be further understood as someone lacking in foresight on an emotional level. The priority for healing in this case is two fold, support the eyes with natural healing techniques, and transform the hindering emotions attached to shortsightedness. While the related emotions might not always be a direct cause of disease, they are regarded as highly influential in the process of healing and maintaining health in their related body parts.
      The stomach is where we process food, it is the organ that governs satisfaction. Feeling 'full' or 'content' after eating is a sign of our satisfaction with a meal. So, it's no wonder that when stomach issues arise, they are often accompanied by feelings of dissatisfaction with one's life. Likewise, when one feels chronically dis-satisfied with life, it can lead to diseases related to the stomach, digestion, colon health, and on down the line.
    It's common for people to have one main emotional disturbance present at a time. I'd call this main emotion their 'story' or priority for healing. For instance, one may feel chronically worried or fearful. These emotional patterns can rule our thoughts and actions, playing out in our lives as a story that continues to manifest in new ways until it is addressed properly. And, it's not uncommon for our main story to branch off and create supporting stories that relate to the emotions and body parts close by. Such as, feeling dissatisfied (stomach), can lead to blocking your learning (small intestines), and eventually living in the past (colon). We might consider this 'story' to be what that person is ready to heal. Mapping emotions is an important process to use to discover what one's main story is, and thus their priority for healing.
     Once one has a clear understanding of their emotional priorities in healing, it's a matter of application and practice to implement techniques that support bringing the whole person into balance. Often, just knowing what we are up against is the first step in healing. Awareness is the key. Addressing physical issues with awareness of the emotional connection fosters transformational change. Not only can physical symptoms disappear, deep rooted emotional patterns can be healed and optimum health of body-mind-soul can flourish!

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Below you can find some helpful links that will give more detailed information about the role emotions play in Chinese Medicine:

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