Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feeding Kundalini

      Within each of us lives a potential, and we all know how it feels not to live up to it at times, which is how we know it to exist! How does one make use of that potential? How do we live it, and how do we experience this potential in our daily lives? The average person may or may not be aware of their true potential. Yet, it is still is within them to reach it. The potential inside of us has been around since the beginning of time... It is showing itself uniquely through individual lives, though it is one constant potential we share...  Our potential is what animates us, it breathes life into the human form.  Some call it kundalini, Qi, life force, or prana.

   Creativity, Self-expression, and conscious awareness allude to the ever present Guiding Force which inspires us to continue moving forward in life. This force is the very energy of our potential. Kundalini is a term pointing to the potential that lyes dormant within each individual from conception. The concept of 'dormant potential' is seen throughout scripture in many of the great spiritual books, such as the I-Ching, Bible, Tao Te-Ching, and Koran. Awakening this potential is our birthright. The word 'kundalini' is simply pointing to the journey of a soul, and of enlightenment. It is the energy that becomes awakened and rises with the cultivation of a deeper awareness of our true nature, our potential. 
    Learning to cultivate, or feed kundalini is a spiritual practice. Spiritual practices can be actions we take to connect with the innate wisdom and peace within us. Allowing our intuition and inner guidance to become a prominent influence on our daily decisions, and trusting our innate ability to know what is best for us, is our potential showing it's true colors. Ongoing spiritual practices are vital to sustaining balance and progress during the discovery of ones potential. These practices lend to the development of higher states of consciousness. Why do we want to attain higher states of consciousness? The more we understand about our True Nature, our potential, the part of us that knows what's best for us in all situations, the closer we get to living out our potential on a daily basis. 

Feeding Kundalini, a formula for cultivating your potential:
  1. Find daily spiritual practices that inspire peace and joy within you. (Meditation, prayer, yoga, gratitude, painting, writing)
  2. Support the development of mindfulness with daily teachings and spiritual texts that resonate with you as Supreme truth. 
  3. Eat nutritious foods, exercise, and cleanse your body regularly to maintain health so you can stay present with your intentions and emotional/spiritual growth.
  4. Trust yourself & Be yourself... You'll know what to do.

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