Friday, October 24, 2014

Spiritual Anatomy

Consider the body a treasure map for the soul...

  Healing practices throughout history have alluded to the phenomenon of our physical body revealing spiritual metaphors. Physical signs of dis-ease or im-balance can be interpreted to decipher the subtle (or sometimes pronounced!) messages that are here to guide us toward optimum health and enlightenment. An upset stomach can be interpreted with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual meaning; as can colon cancer or ADHD. Spiritual anatomy is the relationship between our physical body and spiritual growth. What is your body telling you? How is this message a benefit to your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual evolution?

Imagine your body, like an intelligent machine, is attempting to communicate with you in order to promote your life, mindfulness, and evolution. What could be possible if we looked at the body this way? Reading the pulse, tongue, or urine, as well as iridology and muscle testing are diagnostic methods that have been used to read the physical signs of imbalance in an attempt to decode the body's cry for help. When we know what is out of balance, we can support the body to heal itself with lifestyle changes, food, exercise, stress relief, and so on. The more in tune we are with the subtle messages of the body the greater chance we have of preventing dis-ease, or better yet, thriving. Spiritual anatomy is also about seeing the body as an innately intelligent matrix of information to be understood for the benefit of our health and happiness. However, the average man or woman sees the body as a mass of DNA that ultimately holds their spirit hostage in circumstance and random chaos. Thus, making us victims of our body instead of potentials that live within it.

Viewing one's body as having purpose and intelligence is not typical. Yet, so much can be gleaned from appreciating the constant re-balancing that occurs at a cellular level. Spiritual guidance can be given in each attempt our body makes to re-allign and balance itself in homeostasis. From blood sugar to hormones, wound healing, and cellular degeneration, the body is signaling our need for greater awareness and supportive action. If we could benefit from the possible interconnectedness of our being that attempts to communicate deep and profound truths through physical symptoms of disease, would we listen? What if your ability to enjoy life and have self-worth could be inspired by the body? Consider someone suffering with diabetes who learns to stop worrying so much, which relaxes their adrenals, stabilizes their blood sugar, and consequently lessens their dependance on insulin. In this way spiritual guidance can heal physical illness through soul growth. And, wouldn't it be an even greater benefit to no longer suffer bodily pain in order to heal what has already manifested. However, this takes time to develop an awareness of the subtle energetic signs preceding dis-ease. Although, understanding and listening to the gross manifestations of dis-ease with awareness must come first.

Spiritual anatomy means reading your physical symptoms and applying the metaphor to increase your experience of love, joy, peace, and optimum health and wellbeing. When your body feels tired, instead of denying it, disregarding it, or consuming caffeine, why not listen? If someone is struggling with cancer, diabetes, chronic pain or inflammation, what message is the body communicating, and why? By addressing the spiritual significance of dis-ease by healing emotional patterns, mental blocks, and self-sabbotoging belief systems, it is possible for the body to heal quickly, or even instantaneously!

Learn to read the signs your body is giving you, and take charge of your health with an added benefit of gaining greater appreciation of who you are as a spiritual being. The possibilities and potentials lying dormant within us are begging to be experienced. We are by nature peaceful, loving, and joyful beings made to share these qualities with others. Through the development of awareness of your true nature, pain, dis-ease, and illness can become obsolete. When you feel a headache coming on, back pain, digestive discomfort, or dehydrated, and you can understand why on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level, you can prevent it from re-occuring by addressing the cause. Symptoms of dis-ease are merely extensions of a deeper rooted issue. Your body is communicating with you, don't ignore it, trust it to know what it needs to promote your health, wellbeing, and enlightenment.

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